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Sleek & Beautiful

Private Investigator in Sussex

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We are here for your Surveillance, People or Address searches & Process Serving needs.

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We offer great services to our clients.

Sleek & Beautiful

Process Serving

We offer Process Serving and Doorstep visits throughout Sussex for companies, legal professions and private individuals. We operate professionally and take all the necessary precautions.

Sleek & Beautiful


We can do surveillance on partners if you suspect them of being up to something strange or an employee that maybe stealing work from you or working for the competition behind your back and just need that little bit of evidence to back up your hunch.

Sleek & Beautiful

People or Address searches

Have you lost touch with someone, perhaps an old school friend, a family member or someone who owes you money. With so many people using online dating these days and although most people are genuine you always get the odd bad apple, so have you got a new partner and just need that little reassurance they are who they say ? .